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iPhone DIY – How to Replace iPhone Battery!

Probably one of the unfortunate facts about an iPhone is that it comes with a permanent battery that’s hard to replace.  Of course, you can buy an iPhone battery yourself for just about $9.99 on Overstock.com then follow the directions below to replace it yourself.



Remember that this replacem

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Earbud Hack – How to Replace your Earbuds and Make them Perform even Better!

Recently, my mom has a problem with her ears and we were swimming together the other day when I noticed a silicon-thingee stuck on her ears.  Upon asking, she told me it was new silicon earplugs that fit your ears by molding itself.

Well, that got me the idea that you can actually use these silicon earplugs as mold for your earbuds.  Not only will you get a perfect mold for your ears, essentially your earbuds will have customized earbuds without paying for an expensive, custom earbuds.

You can

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iMac DIY – How to install/Replace the Memory in your iMac!

Apple has just posted a DIY instruction on how to install/replace the memory in your iMac.  It’s relatively easy as the memory modules are situated on the bottom of the iMac.

Below images should suffice most experienced DIYers out there, a piece of cake.

via tuaw

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Macbook Hack – How to Replace the Glass on the New Macbook LCD!

I guess the new Macbook and Macbook pro models have separate glass and LCD parts so there’s a good chance you might be able to replace just the glass itself in case you break it.  (instead of replacing the whole thang!)

Check out this instructable that goes into detail on how to replace the glass on the Macbook LCDs yourself and save a bunch of money.


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Mac Hack – How to Clean CPU Fan and Replace Hard Disk on a PowerBook G4!

Recently, one of my friends who is a plumber in San Francisco, gave me an old PowerBook G4.  Well, since I am not an Apple fan boy (sorry Apple fan boys), I’ve figured I can install Windows XP.

I ran into the big problem that Windows XP is not supported on a PowerPC CPU, which is what the PowerBook G4 has.  Since I do also run a bunch of linux machines at my home, I figured I could run some linux on the PowerBook.  It turns out the

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Digital Camera DIY – How to Replace the LCD on your Digital Camera!

For those of you who have cracked LCD screens on their digital cameras, you might be interested to know that there is a way to replace the LCD on your digital camera yourself.  Although I don’t recommend this route and probably will void any kind of warranty, if you are circuit-inclined, you might want to try it out.  Especially if it’s going to cost more than the cost of the digital camera itself, this might be a viable option.

While hiking in Moab, I, like many others before me, disc

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