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Recommended Repelling

USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

Jet has just tipped me on the new USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repller from Uxsight.com.  I like this concept because now I can repel mosquitoes where ever I take my netbook.

No need to wear harmful chemicals and toxic sprays when you’ve got this mosquito beater! USB port powered gadget transmits a sonic repelling frequency and can provide clean living or office environment to its user.

Price: $5.69 at Uxsight.com

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Cedar House, made entirely from Cedar!

Check out this awesome eco-friendly Cedar House, entirely made from sustainable Cedar wood, cutting down on carbon footprint as much as possible.

Of course, maybe not intended, but this house probably is the most moth-repelling in the world as cedar is commonly used for repelling moths that can eat y

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