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Ham Radio Hack – How to Use Ham Radio without a License!

I remember back when I was 11 years old, I was trying really hard to get a ham radio license so I could talk to people all over the world.  I still remember staying up late nights, trying to learn English and Ham Radio at the same time.  Well, Make has a great tutorial on how to get started on Ham Radio without a license.

In the days before Internet and Dial-ups, I think Ham Radio was like the “thing” you can do to talk to people all over the w

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Home DIY – How to Build a Home Theater for your Home!

I’ve always been thinking of making my own theater at my home, here’s a great example of how to do it all yourself, complete with pics, kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Final Equipment List:

Panasonic PT-AE3000 Projector 129″ wide SmX ProLine Screen – 2.37:1

Denon 3808ci Receiver Playstation 3 (bluray + media + games)

Monitor Audio RS6 left and right front speakers Monitor Audio RSLCR center channel speaker Monitor Audio RSFX surround speak

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DIY Amateur TV Receiver!

Here’s another cool DIY amateur TV receiver!

This is a 1.2 GHz microwave antenna made from regular 6″ household air duct. It picks up a signal from our new Amateur TV repeater. (The repeater will take a TV signal from anywhere in the local county, and retransmits it to everywhere in the local county.) The antenna looks like a giant flashlight.

via make

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Midnight Cravings

Here’s some midnight cravings.

Check out the Star Trek that finally got SOLD for 5 times its market value!

Talk about Hybrid cars with solar panels on the roof! I’ve seen some RVs near my neighborhood in SF that are like this but for hybrid cars? It’s not new technology but great re-make of old technology.

I do like the

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DIY – How to hack your Linksys router as a repeater

here’s an article on how to hack your Linksys router to act as a repeater.

Your neighbor is in possession of router A. It is set to factory defaults initially. This is important because it shows the victim isn’t technically savvy and won’t notice your intrusion. You have router B, a Linksys WRT54G that you will be putting into client mode and connecting to router A. The final component, router C, is plugged into router B and acts as a wireless access point.

via [hacka

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