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Apple Hack – How to Hack Apple Earbud Remote!

Apple has been doing so much to keep their competition at the bay including making their Apple earbud remotes to be undecipherable.  Well, there’s a hack for that, check out this great article that shows you how to reverse engineer the Shuffle remote control. #AppleFAIL

In March 11th, 2009, Apple introduced the third generation iPod shuffle. Shortly thereafter, criticism[1] was raised regarding the presence of a proprietary chip inside the shuffle headphones, said by some to be an authentication, or DR

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Future of the Digital Pens [Video]


New technology to compete with Wii-motes:

Excerpt:: NaviScribe-based digital pens and styli contain miniaturized optical navigation systems that capture the real-time location of their tips with respect to the dimensions of rectangular writing surfaces including ordinary paper and unmodified flat-panel displays.

NaviScribe devices also capture their full spatial motion as they travel across a writing surface. This absolute 3-D motion data, rich in information not available from methods that capture only relative motion, can be

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Camcorder Hack – How to Make Remote On/Off Control for your Sony Camcorder!

For those of you who need remote On/Off control for your sony camcorder, I guess there’s a way you can hack the Mic input as Sony’s Mic input also includes control lines such as the power button.   This might be helpful for those struggling to get the remote on/off to work.

We did a bit of probing with our multimeter, and discovered that the MIC jack on our sony camcorder supplies a small amount of power for the microphone, and most importantly – it turns this power on and off at the same time that the camcorder is turned on and off with the remote control

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Garrett’s DIY – Upcoming Boe-Bot Hacks – Remote Controlled Insect

Here’s a video of upcoming boe-bot hacks from Garrett using a Parallax Boe-Bot platform and CUBLOC CB220.as brain. This little creature has couple of cool looking features such as a tail, antennas, and eyes that can be remote-controlled via a regular TV remote-control. HOWTO will follow soon. In the meanwhile, you will just have to enjoy Jack

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Baby Thermometer with Wireless Remote Monitoring

Here’s something that would be helpful to baby makers~

via via sharperimage

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Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!

Here’s a video, the robot seems to play good w/ kids… 🙂


robo3 website link

Just in from Chosun news in Korea, robo3 just developed a robot based on Segway structure. The robot can dance, run, and wake you up in the morning. It has 2

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