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Light Bench lights up your night!

If I had a million dollars, I’d make sure to get these light-up benches for my outdoor patio.  (which of course if protected by overhanging canvas from rain)

Better yet, add some solar panels and make it solar powered.

The bench is suitable for indoor and outdoor, and is weather resistant and rugged. Several benches can be combined together for a more dramatic look. It operates by an individually pre-programmed remote control that is simple and intuitive to use. Almost an art object, the Light Bench creates the right presence in creat

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DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner!

Well, if you live in a cool area like San Francisco, you won’t need air conditioning all year round but if you do live in a hot area, you can bring some extra air conditioning with the DeLonghi portable air conditioner.  Now, air conditioning just got easier.

Of course, if it doesn’t get too hot, you do have the

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How to Become 3 Inches Taller through Surgery!

Here’s a guy in Germany who gets his hips sawed off then a remotely controlled rod implanted in his legs as shown above to lengthen his legs.

I remember my mom telling me about these new hormones that could help kids grow taller about 20 years ago now you can do it with a simple (or should I say risky) surgery.

Only 4,000 people in the world have done this so far so there is no telling what kinds of side effects there are. If any, you should expect some pain when you age past 50.

Now, if this thing is successful for the next de

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Crank TV Remote with No Battery!

Here’s a prototype TV remote that works by user squeezing the handle to generate little itty bits of electricity to change the channel or the volume. Nice work, this might be the start of many other battery-free remote controls.

This is the No Battery Remote Control by the SMK Corp. it works on the principal similar to one of those toy ray guns, where the user squeezed the trigger a few times and it began to light up the lights and mak

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RC Controlled Cooler!

Ever feel too lazy to get up and grab some beers and sodas from your cooler at the pool?  Then get this RC controlled Remote Control Cooler!

It’s hot…you’re thirsty…but this cooler full of icy drinks is at the other end of the patio. No problem—just grab the remote and steer it over to your chair! It’s the world’s first radio-controlled cooler!

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DIY HACK – How to Make a DTMF Phone Dialer!

People have been making these DTMF phone dialer devices for years, here’s how to make one with a PIC microcontroller.

The company I work for recently upgraded their phone system. They got a new IP phone system that can supposedly do everything – the new phones have big LCD screens with fancy menus, lots of different modes, PC connection for remote control of the phone, e-mailing voice messages, and tons of other features. All that said, there was a critical piece missing from the

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Use LogMeIn to remote control your PC from anywhere!

Check out this free VNC program. I signed up in less than a minute and was able to access my work computer from home. I believe it also works on PC, Linux, and MAC since it has a Firefox extension on it.  I’ve used gotomypc.com before but it’s not free and this LogMeIn thing is free!

Also check out open-source VNC that works cool too.

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