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DIY Phone Dial Web Browser!

This has to be the most wackiest DIY ever, a phone dial that let’s you browser the web via IP addresses.

Well, technically, you won’t be able to surf the web with this phone dial unless you can remember IP addresses of every website you visit but still is a cool project.

Let’s just say this DIY is more of an artwork than it is a practical thing to make.

Our relationship with technology is quickly becoming analogous to our relationship with fast food. Like the fast food restaurant c

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Ethernet Ring?

Ethernet Ring anyone???

If you are geeky enough and you are a IT technician, you can always resort to ethernet wedding rings to solidify your relationship.  Remember, the male ring is the one on the right.

via ringoblog

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DIY – sycophant, AI Experiment, moving and taking Human head!

Here’s a really cool AI experiment. The moving head will talk to visitors while the head follows them… Thomas says,

Sycophant explores the relationship between viewers and a human-like robot. The human head is mounted on a motorized base which moves along a track. As a viewer walks by, the head follows on the track, while plying him or her with a cornucopia of compliments such as “I really like your hair” and “You look really hot!”

[gv data=”http://video.google.c

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