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Control Alt Delete Sofa Pillows!

You will want to “reboot” your sofa with these awesome Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows, just $10 at Etsy.

Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set. Light gray pillows look as if they’ve jumped right off your keyboard.

Set of three pillows. Made from Eco-Felt (100% recycled Plastic bottles!) these 12″ pillows are soft yet durable. Backs have envelope enclosures so the pillow inserts can be removed for easy washing. Machine wash cold with like colors t

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Dirt-Powered Alarm Clock!

We did see the dirt-powered soil lamp earlier, here’s another dirt-powered device, it’s an alarm clock that can be powered via dirt and you can even grow some nice fairway grass in it.

This the called the timeless garden and it runs mud or rather the chemical reaction between the mud and the metal casing inside the clock, how good is that it just doesn’t get any better than that for alarm clocks anyway. The actual body is made from two recycled plastic bottles.

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Boat Made From 90% Recycled Material Traveling from San Francisco to Sydney!

It seems that more and more people are on new journies to discover what recycled plastic bottles can do.  Well, David de Rothschild is another such guy, who is building his boat in San Francisco pier.

He will be traveling from San Francisco to Sydney, an 11,000 mile journey, let’s cross our fingers he stays afloat.  I will try to be there when he takes off to take some footage and farewell.  (maybe I can give him a Zedomax.com sticker…)

The plastic sailboat i

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Recycled Plastic Bottle Art – Sea Creatures!

With more and more designers and artists using recycled materials for their new art, here’s a cool array of sea creatures made with recycled plastic bottles.

The mere fact that plastic water bottles have transparent quality lends itself as the primary basis of our crafty plastic adventure. With that in our minds and fuelled with inspiration and fervor, both of us began the lengthy and labourous activity of sorting, cleaning, slicing, threading,…….etc.

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Lights Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!

Wow, check out this collection of great lights all made from recycled plastic bottles!

By using a specially perfected process which hardens the recycled plastic bottles, THIS Gallery have made a whole series of lights and lamps, which initially look nothing like a load of old plastic bottles but they are and when you consider that each light fitting uses something in the region of thirty five and fifty five bottles, quite saving for the land fill!

via k

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