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Orbita “Scroll” Mouse


Check out this really cool Orbita “Scroll” Mouse that allows you to scroll by rotating in a circular manner.  Way too cool for me…

    First all purpose media wireless mouse Revolutionary continuous scroll action makes surfing the web and editing video, audio and text so much easier. Mac and PC compatible Adjustable top and side shell buttons Cadmium Nicol long life rechargeable battery.

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Solar Powered Golf Cart!

I wonder why golf cart manufacturers never thought of a sustainable solar powered golf cart like this in the first place.  The great thing about these solar carts is that they will re-charge themselves most likely during the round of golf so you never really have to re-charge them via a wall-plug.

The Solar Powered Golf Cart. This is the electric golf cart that has an array of 72 photovoltaic cells built into the roof that collect solar energy, providing up to 33% more range between recharges than non-solar electric golf carts. The carts 160-wat

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Mini Gum Camcorder!

The Mini Gum Camcorder can record up to 2 hours at very shitty resolution but still, it’s a size of a gum and it’s impressive.


Built-in Memory Mini Gum Camera Recorder Camera size: 7.3 x 2.0 x 1.1 cm Weight: 18 g Real Time camera recording in 3gp format Colour audio video recorder Built-in rechargeable battery Built-in Memory Playback video on mobile or PC

Specifications: Video compression: 3gp video format, 176 x 144 pixel Voice recording: Yes Internal memory: Yes Video File size: > 500KB per

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