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UK Residents now can read their Electricity Usage in Real Time using Google PowerMeter!

Google has just announced that every UK resident can now read their electricity and other energy usage in real-time using Google’s Powermeter.

Since yesterday, every resident in the United Kingdom can now watch how much energy they use on a daily basis using Google’s PowerMeter.

Google (GOOG) has announced the launch of PowerMeter with UK’s only energy supplier

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UPS Hack – How to Get More Capacity and Battery Power from a UPS!

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is a great way to insure that none of your real-time applications shut down while working if the power goes out for some reason.  Of course, UPSes aren’t cheap these days and they can cost you an arm and a leg but there’s a UPS hack that can help you get more capacity and bettery life by adding car batteries to it.  What a great idea huh?  Your new hacked UPS should last you at least 3-20 times longer.

Now I have a great idea for all those UPS com

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Palm Pre Hack – How to Make GoogleMaps GPS Tracking on Your Palm Pre!


Over this weekend, I’ve cooked up some really great Palm Pre hacks, one of which shows you how to setup a website on your Palm Pre and track your phone via GoogleMaps GPS.  This means that if you lose your phone or someone steals it, you will know exactly where it is.

Details over at the P

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Interesting Twitter HOWTOs/Theories!

Here’s a quick compilations of interesting Twitter HOWTOs and theories I have made over the last month over at my .Biz blog:

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Circuit DIY – How to Make a Digital Paperless Receipt System!

Everytime I goto the Apple Store in San Francisco, I am amazed at how quickly you can check out without a receipt, the receipt actually can be sent to my e-mail box, which I can confirm in real-time using my Blackberry GMail app.

Apart from the Apple Store, I don’t see that many other retailers using paperless receipts, perhaps it’s ahead of its time.

For those of you who want to tinker with such a system that will keep your receipts in a web server so your customers can retrieve it at their convenience, you can check out

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Twitter DIY – How to Stumble Twitter Like StumbleUpon!

Well, I apologize to my readers for lack of posts, my full attention has been gone toward Twitterland(Watch this video that explains what happened to me last couple days), I have been working 24/7 on a new site called StumbleTweets, it let’s you stumble Twitter like StumbleUpon, except it’s a lot better and uses tweets to find interesting new sites in “real-time”.

If you get bored stumbling old, outdated stuff on StumbleUpo

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MIT DIY Robot Gardners!

Here’s some interesting news from researchers at MIT developing robot “Garden” automation.  I have to speculate on how “effective” this would be but I imagine it will be highly effective than not.

From the looks, it seems they’ve put a webcam, servo motor, and other goodies for plants in the project.  This might be a sign that robot farming may not be too far from reality.

Heck, I’d like to purchase one of these robotic garden kits at Wal-Mart and grow my own “automated” farm with abili

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TrendNet 7” Wireless Internet Camera and Photo Monitor!

Are you looking for a cheap solution to your home remote-surveillance camera?  Well, TrendNet has just released their 7″ Wireless Internet Camera and Photo Monitor which allows you to wireless connect all your security cameras together.

If you are going on a long travel and you need to keep a close eye on things in your home, this might be a

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DIY Servo Electric Guitar!


Check out this cool DIY servo electric guitar.  I am not a guitar expert here but this thing is cool!

A servoelectric guitar is a fretless guitar that is played by controlling servomotors that change the tension of the strings over an octave or more on a real-time basis. Tuning is maintained by closed loop tension feedback for rapid and predictable response. Relatively small electrical motors and DC servo amplifiers are possible th

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Citizen Hack – How to Hack Voting Machines!

Well, we live in a society where voting “machines” are used to count votes and that means it’s not reliable at all, especially if some hackers can figure out how to hack them in just 122 lines of code.

Yes, I still believe Bush had some hackers rig the Florida voting machines.  I still can’t believe Bush became the President 8 years ago, when he was CLEARLY not “voted” President, he simply declared himself on

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