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What Do You Want To Read on Zedomax.com?

For awhile, I have been thinking this, “what do you want to read on Zedomax.com”?

We have a lot of subscribers and readers but perhaps it’s time for you to voice your opinions.

An example, “Hey Max, I want you to blog more about hacking my G2 Phone!” or whatever.

Leave your interesting and creative responses below, we are “changing” this blog to be more human-friendly.

And thanks to everyone who’s subscribed to our blog.

Best, Max


Cellphone Hack – How to Read SMS Messages via Serial Communication!

For those of you selling your old cellphones, make sure to permanently erase your old text messages as this hack shows you they can easily be retrieved afterwards by connecting to the cellphone via TTL serial communications.

I picked up some used c168i cell phones off of ebay to do some integration projects. Hooking up the serial port is just a matter of connecting a 3/32″ audio connector up to a TTL USB serial cable. I was pretty amused by the two hundred SMS messages that wer

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Cassette Tape Hack – Recycled Tape Sonic Fabric Neckties that can be Read!

These recycled Sonic Fabric Neckties are made from 50% cassette tape and 50% thread.   Well, here’s a hack that shows you how to listen to the “sounds” embedded in these neckties.  Not the best quality but might be fun for mixing some custom sound.

See the video see the demo:


via ohgi

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