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BUG – Tiny DIY/Open-Srouce Linux-Platform Microcomputer with Java Programming!

In my life time, I have seen many little linux-microcomputers that will allow you to do more hacking with less space.

Sorta like the ultra-tiny SheevaPlug, this BUG is an open-source linux-based microcomputer that already comes with accelerometer, camera, and even a GPS module so you can build the next generation gadget-device with it.

I happen to like it a lot, maybe I will get one soon to start hacking it.

BUG is a baby monitor. B

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DIY Walking Helicopter Robot!

Here’s a really cool DIY walking helicopter robot that blows every RC helicopter on the market today.

KeithRobot has made a crazy looking walking robot. It looks like the helicopter needs to be a bit more powerful to make it more useful but it is a great proof of concept. I can just imagine this thing being automated, it could fly close to the destination and walk the rest of the way.

via hackedga

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DIY – How to Make your own RC Helicopter!

DIY - How to Make your own RC Helicopter!

Although most of us would be better off buying an RC helicopter off the rack at the local hobby store, you can make your own if you want to with this terrific DIY guide on how to make your own RC helicopter.

Flying RC helicopter is really very exhilarating. Their versatility gives a RC pilot a complete access to the three-dimensional space in such a way that no other machines can! I have played RC helicopter for more than one year but still find that I have just learn

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