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Beard DIY – How to Trim Your Beard!

The author, me Max, has been growing a beard for 2 months now (since 1/1/2009), and my beard has gotten OUT OF CONTROL! (as you can see on the left side).

I tried trimming my beard with my regular razor but didn’t work too well.

So, I bought this Norelco T765 Beard Trimmer, it works really well and it’s compact enough for me to take it anywhere.  I tri

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PSP/PS2 HACK – How to Make PS2 DualShock controller to work with the Sony PSP!


Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to hack a PS2 controller onto your PSP.

Why would anyone want to do that?

The DualShock controls all of the PSP buttons (except for the volume and backilght) and can turn the PSP on and off. The right analog stick has been modified to copy the face buttons (like the razor nub), and L2 and R2 have been mapped to the left and right D-pad buttons (primarily for use in PS1 games,

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