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Automatic Violin that plays by itself, only about $18,000

Yes, that was sarcastic if you caught the $18,000. Anyways, this is a great scientific breakthrough yet expensive as f*&k. If you get one, take a video and send it to max@zedomax.com!

The dream of a violin that can play itself has tantalized inventors for over a century. Now, modern technology has made the dream a reality – and without the use of digitally sampled sounds!

Piano accompaniment can be derived from any midi source, bu

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Floating Candlelight

Nice, someone get it for me on Christmas!

Water and fire usually don’t work so well together. There are some exceptions, of course, like the steam turbine engine or using fire to boil water and cook up a nice heaping plate of pasta. Another exception would be the new Float from Mathmos. This candle powered light brings together these two elements in a rather pleasing way.

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