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HTC Evo 3D Pre-Orders Start Today and RadioShack!

For folks who want to get jump-started on the world’s first DUAL 1.2Ghz processor-equipped smartphone, you might want to jump the gun and pre-order yours at RadioShack today when stores open in couple hours.  (Read up on the Evo 3D Specs)

The new HTC Evo 3D, like its name, can do up to 720P HD 3D recording/playback, 1080P HD recording/playback, and supposedly the most powerful smartphone to be launched.

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Zedomax DIY 116- Halloween HOWTO make a talking pumpkin basket!


My girlfriend asked me she wanted a cool halloween basket for her house on halloween, so I made her a halloween backet with some parts that I had lying around.

I figured I could use the voice module that I bought at Radio Shack for like 10 bucks a couple

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DIY – Make an alarm system in 3 minutes! (Part II – Add a motion sensor)

[gv data=”tsRT6wdaXks”][/gv] The other day I was walking through RadioShack and found this neat little Motion-sensing Door Chime/Alarm.

Since I already had an alarm system, I decided I could simply add a motion-sensor to my existing alarm system.

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