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Radar/Laser Detector DIY – How to Make a LIDAR Gun Simulator!

With advances in radar/laser detectors that can detect cops from miles away, police officers have been using radar/laser guns that are more sophisticated so they cannot be detected with some of the older radar/laser detectors.

By learning how to make a LIDAR gun simulator, you will be able to actually test whether your current radar/laser detector can detect them all, perhaps saving you some money in the future from getting tickets.

Of course, my advice is

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New Years 2009 Resolution – Use Greener Gadgets!

Well, for the year 2009, one of my new years resolution is to use greener gadgets or in other words, stuff that can make our earth better.

Here’s a list of greener gadgets you might want to consider for the next year:

For personal use:

Have an iPhone?  Don’t forget to get one of these solar iPhone chargers that doubles as protection too.

I am sure you’ve probably seen this Sol

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