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Toddler DIY – How to Make a Toddler’s Foot Rest with PVC!

For those of you who have spent thousands on luxury furniture and your kids can’t sit comfortably on them yet, you might want to consider making them these cool toddler’s footrest from PVC pipes. This is a great idea since they are plastic and won’t scratch your expensive furniture.  (And yes, PVC pipes can be bought rather cheap at your local Home Depot so, win-win situation here for you and your furniture.)

If your kids are like mine, I strongly suggest letting

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Photography DIY – How to Make a Fish Eye Lense for Nikon DSLR!

Wow, here’s a really innovative way to convert your Nikon DSLR into a fish-eye camera that can take some really awesome lookin’ photos.

I got the inspiration to do this Instructable while reading another Instructable that accomplished the same “fish-eye” effect using a PVC reduction pipe and an entry door viewer.

There was concern in the prior Instructable about around scratching the lens so I wanted to solve that problem in my easy to build fish eye lens as well as make a version which is easy to use, remove, etc.

I decided to modify the design

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Pump DIY – How to Make a Hydraulic Ram Pump!

I’ve installed water pumps, sump pumps, you name it.  But the all work using our precious electric energy.  Well, I have seen hydraulic pumps before that use no electricity and glad to say they may be the future alternative for exisiting electric pumps.

I am sure you can apply this hydraulic pump to various different applications including a water pump to add more water pressure to your gardening equipment and other pumping equipment.

I will have to head over to Home Depot and see if I

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DIY Car Repair – Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Gas to Lift Cars!

Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Air to Lift Cars!

Check out this new car jack that works by filling a big bubbly balloon-like device with exhaust gas.

It’s like a simple idea but noone has ever thought of it until Titan Exhaust Air Jack.

Now, don’t get strange ideas and try to kill yourself with the exhaust fumes.  That’s stupid and well very stupid thing to do…

The only real concern I have is that it’s still a “balloon” type device and could easily be punctured using a razor-sharp knife.  If I am un

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Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System

Check out this Zaragoza Solar hot water system used in a desert oasis town.  They also have lots of other cool stuff like the solar heating system for pools.

The complete solar hot water system involves heat exchange between three liquids:

    Solar collector fluid. The fluid which is heated in the solar collector (above, fig. 2) and which flows into the heat exchanger unit (see figs. 3 and 4),

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Gigantic Tennis ball Launcher!

Check out this gigantic tennis ball launcher! A must if you are trying to help your son or daughter become the next Venessa Williams. Just make sure to use a nice racket!

I built this launcher for a friend of mine after he helped me machine some custom aluminum frames for the 2005 ASME Regional Design Contest. It features a 2.5″ ID pvc pipe barrel (perfect for tennis balls) and a 4″ ID pvc chamber. The valve is a 2″ diaphragm spri

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