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DIY HACK – HOWTO hack an industrial sewing machine!

Looks like Lady Ladyada hacked an industrial sewing machine. Definitely check it out.

Unlike little portables which turn on the DC motor when the foot-lever is pressed, industrials use a clutch motor. The motor is running the moment you turn it on, and when the foot-lever is pressed, it moves the clutch towards the motor, engaging it. This means higher torque when you turn it on, thus getting rid of the frustrating “have to help the machine al

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Giant human hamster wheel powers Giant Nose Picking machine!


Oh boy, I am looking forward to this cool giant nose picking machine powered by human hamster wheels! (at the Maker Faire)

Here’s a fun interactive toy in the Rube Goldberg style. The “coin” is a 10′ human hamster wheel. Participants walk on the wheel. This turns a pulley which turns a large disc from an electrical spool which lifts a see-saw lever which lifts an “arm” which twists a finger into the nose of a 12 foot face suspended on a 23 foot

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