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Amp Switch in a Altoids CAN

Cool Amp swtich in a altoids CAN. I was always thinking about something like this, so you can switch quickly between TV, PSP, and DVD…

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DIY Hack – Port Linux or Windows to your PSP!

cool way to get you started in PSP porting…

Windows 95 actually runs quite well but don’t expect it to be a speed demon. It takes about 10 minutes to boot but afterwards it’s pretty usable. I was able to do things like: open “My computer” and browse the virtual hard drive, complete a whole game of Minesweeper and run various other applications. Now you too can get your Minesweeper fix on the go 🙂 I’ve also tested DLX Linux which comes pre-packaged with Bochs and it works j

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DIY – How To Take Apart Your PSP In Minutes

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Cool video on how to dismantle your PSP.

A useful video to reference whenever you want to dismantle your PSP, either to install some hardware mod or to find out where all those little Loco Rocos go after you turn it off. Note that this will void your warranty (obviously), so unless you’re at least a little bit skilled with electronics assembly/disassembly, leave it to a professional.

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Hack – First look at linux powered DVR/Media recorder

Kinda cool hackable linux powered DVR here.


    Standalone Linux Based Media Player connects to your TV Record from any external analog audio/video source such as a DVD player or Cable box Automatically encode video/audio for playback on mobile devices such as PSP and mobile phones Playback a variety of media formats on your TV including MP4, AVI, ASF, MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3 Timed recording feature allows scheduled recordings in advance Storage via media cards (SD/MMC and CF) or external

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