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PSP Hack – How to Use your PSP as a Status Monitor!

It looks like someone very smart figured out how to use your PSP as a status monitor.  Of course, I am sure you can customize this to per say, monitor your web server such as this one.  More PSP hacks here.


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CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?

Here’s another cool device CuPC-P80, a sorta developmental UMPC, it almost reminds me of a PSP with Windows XP loaded on it.

This device runs on 12VDC, which means it can easily be hooked up to your car, I see a lot of potential using it as in-car PC.  Just hook up some USB GPS and broadband modem and you got a mobile station right there on your car.

This CuPC-P80 runs AMD Geode LX800 500Mhz processor, 512MB of DDR, and 4GB of Flash harddrive.

It also comes with bunch of

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iPhone Cleaning Kit!

Here’s a cool iPhone cleaning kit.  I think it’s better to get a protective screen like Zagg but heck, if you want to spend the money, you can get this iPhone cleaning kit.

Forget the snazzy name (and you probably will), this is the world’s first ‘wet cleaning

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PSP Hack – How to Download Free PSP Games!

Here’s a site I found that might let you download free PSP games for a lifetime membership fee of $34.95.

I haven’t tried the site but it looks pretty legitimate and if you can get unlimited free PSP games for $34.95, that might save you whole lotta money over buying bunch of games at retail prices.

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PSP Hack – How to play multi-player with one UMD

So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be asking for a PSP for Christmas. Do you guys think that’s a good idea? I’ve been wanting once ever since I watched a guy play one on the subway for a half hour or so.

Here’s a quick hack that lets you play multiplayer games with only one game disk.

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PSP Hack – How to hack a Sony PSP

I’m thinking of asking for a Sony PSP for Christmas. I just see so many of them on the Subway, and they all look fun.

So, I wondered about hacking it. Being a nerd and all. And, I found two even bigger nerds talking about it.

Here’s a goog hacking intro. But trust me, skip the pirate sock puppet stuff at the beginning.

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PSP Hack – How to Turn your PSP into a Second Monitor for your PC!


Here’s a cool PSP Hack that shows you how to turn your PSP into a second monitor for your Windows XP-equipped PC.


    Windows application, drivers, etc. Download the installer below and execute it. When it comes to the display driver installation, Windows will warn you that the driver is unsigned, let the setup program install it anyway. After setup has finished, open your display settings and enable the new monitor then move it to the position you like. Connect your PSP and copy the files from the “psp&

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USB Starfish Speakers!

Need a star shaped speaker that’s small enough for travel?  Get one of these cute USB Starfish speakers for your next destination.

This USB Starfish Speaker can connect to all iPods, MP3, MP4, MD, CD player, notebook, PC, PDA, PSP, mobile phone and other digital products with 3.5mm stereo audio connector.

via brando

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VCR-to-PC makes it easy for you to convert your VCRs to Media Files!

Got some old VCRs like me? I personally have about 1000 home videos recorded on VCRs. Although I could convert it easily without using this VCR-to-PC device, the VCR-2-PC makes it super easy for the consumer to convert your videos via a USB port.

For computer dummies and experts, this could be a good solution to the outdated VCR technology before your VCRs get eaten by your dog.

VCR 2 PC is an innovative new VHS player with single-cable USB output. With VCR 2 PC you can save all of your favorit

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Control your XBOX with a PSP

Yes here’s how you can control your XBOX with a PSP, but do you really need to do that? We think it’s pointless, but then, if you are a techno-geek with all kinds of game hardware you can get your hands on for free, we don’t see why not. So the overview is, this is a useful technology for people with XBOX and PSP. But I would rather get a PS3…

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