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PSP Hack – How to Play Homebrew Games on your Sony PSP!

For those of you with a Sony PSP, you might be happy to learn that you can indeed load up some homebrew games such as Doom (as shown here) to kill your boredom with the same ol’ PSP games.   The Half-Byte Loader, the open-source homebrew program loader for the PSP, allows users to do lots of cool stuff like being able to run emulators for Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES and many other applications, essentially turning your Sony PSP into an entertainment gaming center.

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Check out this cool LED mod done on a PSP. This guy somehow managed to stuff bunch of LEDs inside his PSP plus it seems to move in sync with custom PSP programs.

“I wanted the board to fit snugly inside the psp so that if wanted I could keep the umd drive and not have to make any further modifications. I replaced the standard pic with an smd version to keep the whole thing nice and small (the board you see in the images is the prototype version, I’ll replace the through hole resistors with sm

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PSP Hack – How to Turn your PSP into a Second Monitor for your PC!


Here’s a cool PSP Hack that shows you how to turn your PSP into a second monitor for your Windows XP-equipped PC.


    Windows application, drivers, etc. Download the installer below and execute it. When it comes to the display driver installation, Windows will warn you that the driver is unsigned, let the setup program install it anyway. After setup has finished, open your display settings and enable the new monitor then move it to the position you like. Connect your PSP and copy the files from the “psp&

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PSP/PS2 HACK – How to Make PS2 DualShock controller to work with the Sony PSP!


Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to hack a PS2 controller onto your PSP.

Why would anyone want to do that?

The DualShock controls all of the PSP buttons (except for the volume and backilght) and can turn the PSP on and off. The right analog stick has been modified to copy the face buttons (like the razor nub), and L2 and R2 have been mapped to the left and right D-pad buttons (primarily for use in PS1 games,

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PSP HACK – uClinux on your PSP!

Check out this cool PSP hack! Someone ported uClinux to a PSP! :p

uClinux is a open-source linux for small embedded applications.  You have no royalty to pay for after you develop an application which is the benefit over the royalty attached RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems).  Micrium has some cool RTOS but I think you have to pay like $10,000 just to get started…

I ported

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[gv data=”rkjVZnEU5jA”][/gv]

Here’s cool way to watch TV on your PSP!

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