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Circuit DIY – How to Prototype Printed Circuit Board using Laser Cutter!

For those of you lucky enough to own a laser cutter in your home, you might want to learn how to prototype your own, custom printed circuit boards.  Not only custom boards will allow your project to have maximum flexibility, you will benefit from having a “printed” circuit board instead of using a breadboard or something of less stable sort.

I am going to walk you through the process of prototyping a Printed Circuit Board using a laser cutter and supplies from your local Radioshack and hardware store. This is a process I have perfected after several prototypes I

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U.S. Army’s Petman Robot Prototype Walks Like a Real Human!


I know the Japanese have been advancing with robotics over the last decade or so with its advanced robots like Asimo but looks like the U.S. Army is fueling its efforts to have its own through the company Boston Dynamics.

Watch the video and see how this Petman Robot prototype can walk pretty well, almost like a real human being.  I think there’s a whole lot m

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Motorcycle Hack – How to Make a Motorcycle Control Panel!

I am not really sure what the point of gathering data on a motorcycle would be for, (as I rather just go really fast) but you can surely make one of these motorcycle control panel from Arduino and gather data for fine-tuning your motorcycle.

Hey, I’m really pleased with how this is going.  This is still a prototype but it’s functionally complete and works very well.  It’s messy because I hacked up a generalized arduino proto-shield to mount it but there’s really not a lot to the hardware and now that i

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New iPhone Prototype Video!


Check out this iPhone prototype, it features a full-length keyboard.  It looks like the video has been disabled for certain countries including America, darn.

via engadget

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Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

San Francisco will be investing some of its tax dollars to wave energy and boy, do we have the perfect gadget for that, an Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

I won’t get into details here other than that it looks very promising and will produce a LOT of energy that might simply wasted as waves for surfers.

When moved by waves, the device’

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DIY LED Scrolling Eye Mask Tells “Others” when you need to Get Off the Subway!


Here’s a cool DIY LED scrolling eye mask gadget that tells others when you need to get off the subway.

Apparently, people don’t seem to care enough to tell the person to get off the train but we think maybe they add some “vibrating” option to the eye mask, then it might be a practical eye mask that people could possibly, maybe use. (or probably not, I don’t want to be carrying a big eye mask around, make it really small…)

Noriko-san is designed to give sleepyheads greater peace of mind (and

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MIT DIY Robotic Wheelchair is Smart and Learns your Environment!

Check out this awesome prototype Robotic Wheelchair that the MIT researchers have been working on and it might just change the way physically-challenged people get around town.

The Robotic Wheelchair uses voice commands to navigate the wheelchair itself (which is nothing new) but what is interesting is the fact that the Robotic Wheelchair will remember the places you go such as your living room, the bathroom, etc…etc…

In other words, it has enough intellect to “remember” the places  you go.

Unlike other attemp

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DIY Canoe Made out of PVC Pipe & Duct Tape!

One of my best friends from college is a fully-redneck dude who will use duct tape for anthing that leaks.

He also told me if you duct tape anything, it’s probably redneck.

Here’s a canoe made out of PVC pipe and duct tape that’d definitely qualify as redneck boat.

I wanted a boat that would allow me to cast into the shore instead of from the shore. Being a mechanical engineer, one thing led to another and as

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Sharp working on Solar LCD TVs!

Sharp is working on solar LCD TVs for houses without electricity.

The only question I have is, if they don’t get electricity, will they get any TV reception at all?  (Maybe air reception is good… real good…)

LCD prototype which uses just a quarter of the power (or a third measured annually) of a conventional CRT with the same screen size. That’s low enough to be suitably powered by a Sharp, triple

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2011 BMW 5-Series Spied!

Heck, if it’s 2011 BMW, we probably won’t see it for couple years but here’s some spy shots of the prototype.

TheCarConnection.com’s spy photographer ring has nabbed these new photos of the next BMW 5-Series, including the first interior photos. The cabin shot shows a relocated iDrive controller with satellite buttons, which may provide shortcuts like the buttons that surround Audi’s MMI controller. A joys

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