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DIY – Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle goes 40mph and 15 mile range!

My love for motorcycles are always there so I couldn’t help post this Kawasaki motorcycle converted into an eletric bike that does 40mph and goes about 15 miles on a full charge. Of course, I wouldn’t dare or probably can do any wheelies or what not, but props for the DIY.

“I bought an 8hp Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor used through Craigslist. Then I mounted the motor to the frame using the existing engine mounting holes and a piece of scrap aluminum plate. I found a sprocket and chain in th

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Palm emulation for iPhone/iPod touch demonstrated?!?


This is a funny video of people trying to emulate Palm on the iPhone. What a waste of time.

I could, however, understand it if they emulated the iPhone on the Palm.

This is like emulating PS3 on NES. (not that it is possible)

We give props though for hacking it up. Great job on the hacking. :p

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Find which Superhero you’d be

Here the site that finds out what superhero you’d be after answering couple questions!

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Video – Harddrive Yoyo

[gv data=”4e8ZNMEOWXM”][/gv]

Yes, if you can make this, you are a genius and probably graduated from MIT. Props to Rick. 🙂


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DIY Circuit – Blinking LEDs for eye props

Here’s a cool circuit for making your blinking eyes on holloween using the 555 timer chip. This chip is very useful for a lot of applications.

The eye blink circuit consists of a timer and light emitting diodes, which function as the eyes. The timer circuit for the blinking eyes is based on the 555 timer. Figure 1 illustrates the standard timer circuit. The resistors and capacitor on the left control the charge and discharge of the circuit, which runs the pulse rate and duty cycle of the

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