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Apple Store Hit 500 Million Downloads but 3G is Still Too Slow!

Yey, Apple has hit their 500 million app downloads!  Well, I am honestly happy about my iPod Touch since it doesn’t use AT&T’s slow 3G network but come on guys, Apple has really been ripping off us consumers ever since the invention of iPods.  (When I first started using iPods and found that you couldn’t transfer a regular MP3 file into it, I knew something was up.)

Of course, I am happy and sad at the same tim

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Linus Torvalds – Software is like sex: it’s better when it’s free

I remember first hearing about Linus Travolds back in the early 90s and I thought Linux was going to be a hit in year 2000.

Well, it turns out I was right, just about 10 years early.  You have to admit, Linux is really taking over the world right now with web servers (including this one) and Eee PCs and other laptops that come loaded with Linux.

Anyways, I don’t want to bore my readers, h

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Navisense – The Motion Sensing Interface!

Here’s a cool motion sensing interface that might be even better than Multi-touch technology.  The NaviSense interface uses ultrasonic to detect motion and no touching is required by the user.

NaviSense is a software and hardware provider for sensory based embedded signal processing solutions. NaviSense has developed a suite of proprietary software and hardware technologies with tech savvy appeal. The patent pending solutions provide a value-added customer driven benefit. The technologies are complementary to existing platforms and can be inte

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