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Skate Hack – How to Make a Skate or Die Skateboard Controller!


Here’s someone who hacked old Skate or Die video game to use a Skateboard Controller. Sounds like he needs some video game upgrades first to a Wii, will you donate one to him please?

Two Propellers being used to play Skate or Die on the Commodore 128. The first Propeller board (PPDB) is being used to load the program with a tape emulator. The second Propeller board (Spin Studio) is being used for a “real” skate board controller.

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Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Plane!

Yey, at last a hydrongen fuel-cell powered electric plane that can do top speeds of 62mph!

Not your jet plane but still, you are flying very efficiently.

The plane is based on a two-seat Dimona motor-glider frame with a 16.3 metre (53.5 feet) wingspan. It was modified by BR&TE to incorporate a hybrid low emission engine, containing Intelligent Energy’s power dense Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell power system and lithium-ion batteries, to power an electric motor coupled to a conventional propeller.

Three test fli

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Propeller QuadRover Robot can Tow a Toyota Pickup Truck!


Holy crap, check this Parralax Propeller QuadRover towing a freakin’ Toyota Pickup Truck! At $4,000, it’s a hefty investment but you can play with it by custom-programming it to do whatever you need to make it do.

This gas-powered robot is built using a Honda 2.5 HP 4-stroke engine and hydraulic power system. It i

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HYDRA – Embedded Game Programming for Propeller

Check out Parallax’s new Hydra! It’s powered by their new Propeller chip, similar to XGamesystem.  Looks like it’s a retro-game system that’s been re-invented except now you can hack it anyway you want it.  You can connect it to TV and keyboard to start playing and hacking games!

Develop games, graphics and media applications with the Propeller Powered HYD

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