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Looks like iPhoneCam is coming soon!

Tight… these guys who are working on the iPhoneCam are gonna be at MacWorld, maybe I should get a Media pass tomorrow?

I figured it out: Now we can stream at up to 30 fps. My proof-of-concept is an iPhone app which streams video over Wi-Fi to a video driver component on the Mac. This way, you can use the iPhone’s camera stream in any Mac video program like iChat, Photo Booth or Skype.

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Wii DIY Hack – Firefighting Wiimote Robot


Cool, you can make yourself some Firefighting Wiimote Robot this weekend!

It has IR sensors which can detect a candle and a bluetooth transciever to communicate back to a host computer. I use a boebot as the robot platform, an arduino, wiimote and a Linux computer.

The wiimote uses its IR sensor to find the candle. It transmits the sensor readings back to the host computer over bluetooth ( see

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