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Best Earbud Review – Sony MDR-Ex75 Hands-On Review!

Honestly, I have to admit I don’t give hands-on review of every cool gadget since I physically can’t try EVERYTHING. (well, maybe in the future)

But for earbuds, I have tried many different brands and I know which one gives you bang for your dollar.

The perfect earbud that I am looking for and have found  will not break easily and provide high quality treble and bass for my listening pleasures, even when I am going to sleep.

You might remember the post I did on Best Earbud Review couple months

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Apple should be Sued for Deceptive iPhone 3G Advertising!


As much as I can appreciate the Safari mobile browser on the iPhone, I still hate the fact that Apple refuses to make “real” ads without trying to cover up the slowness of the iPhone.

Well, as I told you about how iPhone is the biggest marketing scam ever, it seems like people are slowly starting to realize what I&

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How to Practice Jet Skiing in your Spa!


This isn’t a real DIY but still, it’s a proof that you can practice jet skiing in your spa.

via gizmodorgb

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NASA’s new Spacesuits look more like a Body-Builder!

Check out the new spacesuits (on the right) that NASA has been working on.  It definitely looks more like a body builder now when you wear one.

NASA just awarded its future spacesuit contract to Oceaneering International. The US firm must now design, test, and produce two suits — the default suit (pictured after the break) worn on-board for launch and landing and a second, more versatile, cheese-proof suit worn during space walks and upon the surface of the moon.

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Busy Hanoi, Vietnam Intersection with no Traffic Lights!

Here’s proof that traffic lights are not always needed.  (provided that the people are used to intersections with no traffic lights for years.  Put this system in America and I guarantee you a lot of people will die…)

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80s Music Vest – Were people that dumb?


Lol…this is a proof of how stupid people were back in the 80s.  Marketing is everything.

Well, people were probably too smart and this company probably went out of business.

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Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

This is a little traffic overview so we know where the heck Zedomax will be next year… Well, it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Since last July or so, our traffic has been growing steadily and we have no idea how we did it. Well, one thing that might have helped is that we started blocking all trackbacks from splogs. Before July last year, I didn’t even know what a “splog” is but now I do… Anyways, we will actually be starting to do some real work instead of messing around all the time.

Here’s another tip

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Hydra: Cheap, Wet MP3 Player

Here’s cool water-proof MP3 Player!

The Hydra supports WAVs, ACTs, WMAs and MP3s, sports a decent-looking LCD and transfers songs via USB drag ‘n drop (not certain about iTunes support). And at $39.99 for the 1gb model and $69.99 for 2gb, the Hydra is a cheaper option than most waterproof cases out there. Now we just need an explanation for why our rented tux smells like chlorine.

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