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DIY HACK – AIRguitar!



Man, check out this AIRguitar!

Carlos Vamos demonstrates his Prototype hand made custom AIRguitar. The guitar neck is from Ibanez, the guitar body was build with the Kind help and cooperation of Marcus Van Engelen. The final guitar asembly and wiring was done by Carlos Vamos. See the other AIRguitar videos on Youtube more info www.carlosvamos.com


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DIY HACK – HOWTO sense Squeeze!

Ohhh….. here’s a really cool DIY HACK that can sense your squeeze. (This might be good for making an adult-related game…then again…)

I’m researching squeeze sensing as a mode of tactile interface. Here I will cover the process of developing a squeezeable sensor and the firmware/software concerns associated with interpreting the data from the sensor. This fulfills the “sensor project” for my class called Computational Princi

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Wii DIY HACK – Use your Wiimotes as musical instruments!



You can try this at home as it can be a lot of fun without actually buying any kind of instruments other than your Wii game system.

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Wiimote HACKED

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You guys are going to love this giant LED. It almost seems like there’s a LOT of circuit on it. (It that necessary?)

Anyways, thumbs up for this cool giant LED. I wish they had a video on it…

This project is 6″ seven-segment.All segments consist of fourteen 5mm super bright LEDs except dot segment it use only 4 LEDs.I design this project use for multipurpose such as big 7-segemnt display ,big digital clock,digital timer etc.The project designed as a module fo

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PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad

Need a touch Keypad instead of the traditional 4×4 keypads? This might be the way to go.

The actual data from the touch sensors is quite erratic and requires some software processing. Basically you create a pulse for each of the ports and read the data with the instruction following the pulse signlal rise. Then read the ports the same way looking for a gap of 0.1 seconds with no data detected. This does the ‘debounce’. This results in fairly clean data capture from t

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Build your own LED Coffee Table!


Wow, this has to be one of the coolest coffee tables you can own. You can get the kit at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for about $350 or $450. You can even purchase a completed version if you are just not circuits-savvy.

Since we first showed these off, we have had a lot of inquiries about how you

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own Jacobs Ladder version 2!

Wow, check out this Jacobs Ladder too!

This is how I used a neon sign transformer to create my own classic sci-fi prop the Jacobs Ladder. A Jacobs Ladder is nothing more than two vertical wires attached to a very high voltage. The wires which form the ladder are close together at the base but diverge as they go up. When switched on an electric arc forms at the base of the wires. The arc heats the air above it and in doing so forms an easier path for the electricity to take. The arc

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own Jacobs Ladder!

Here’s a cool DIY on making your very own Jacobs Ladder. I always goto Fry’s with my friend Eric and find that they have this giant Jacobs Ladder that’d go off as soon as you were about to touch motherboards and whatnot. But this is great that now I know how it’s made.

The basic construction and principle of a Jacobs ladder is that a metal vee is formed from two bits of wire and a high voltage is applied acr

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DIY HACK – How to create LED Lightfish!

Wow, check out these LED Lightfish! Haha, we have a new word, “Lightfish“. (When will they put it on Merrium and Webster encyclopedia?…I mean dictionary.)

Yes, that’s a simple h

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DIY HACK – HOWTO run Multiple Virtual Domains on your MacBook Pro

Here’s a cool hack on HOWTO run multiple virtual domains on your MacBook Pro. This might be helpful if you want to do some testing on your website or blog before goin’ live. Thanks Tames for the link. (By the way, I do have a 24″ iMAC…hehe…proud owner of MAC and PC.)

How to support multiple virtual domains on a

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