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Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials!

Arduino has been widely popular among hackers and DIY-addicts out there for modding/hacking things.

For those of you just entering the Arduino world, here’s a bunch of great Arduino tutorials/projects that can help you jump-start your next project.

1) Did you know that you can program/flash your Arduino wirelessly?  For those of you who are going to be making devices where the Arduino is hidden from easy access, read up on how you can program your Arduino wirelessl

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DIY HACK – 10 Ways on How To En-light-en Your Life with LEDs

This post was guest posted by Joe from HackNMod. (Do you have a tech blog and want to guest post? Send an email to zedomax at gmail.com)

With technology rapidly evolving, light emitting diodes are in virtually every single electronic device on the market. They don’t produce any heat, consume less power, and emit brighter light than conventional bulbs. Furthermore, they are

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DIY HACK – How to make your own open source motor controller!

Check out this cool little hack, it’s an open-source motor controller for an electric bike. There’s no pictures of a finished version but can’t wait to see this circuit in action!

n brief the PicOx is a PicAxe 08M based digital Controller that performs an ADC of a Hall-effect throttle and an ADC of a Hall-based current sensor. These two parameters determine the “Mark” value of a 15Khz PWM signal that does the switching to the Outp

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DIY HACK – How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica or ‘HarmoNESica’!

This one deserves our attention due to the fact that the creator is ‘masked’ to protect his online identity. Just kidding, this DIY is about how to make an NES Game Cartridge, (that’s right, I bet you got one of those in your garage somewhere) into a HarmoNESica.

Basically, it’s a Harmonica, but you can make it look cool. These days, people will making anything out of NES controllers, cables, and now…cartridges.

Watch the video if you want to see it in action. (Looks like he made this to promote his

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Wii HACK – Wiimote Curtain Control!


Haha, this one is cool one to have.

The curtain control system is an existing system from Goelst and is called “G-Rail 6200”. Normally it is controlled by infrared or wallswitches. However, it can also be controlled with a CAN bus. I used this CAN bus to interface with an old PC.

via HackedGadgets

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DIY HACK – Convert thin air into electricity!


Ever thought of turning electrical waves floating in the air into electricity? Well, here a guide if you need it.

This is btw, similar to the new “wireless” batteries that Phillips is working on.  (i think it’s phillips…)

via HighT3ch

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DIY HACK – HOWTO build your own in-car PC!

Here’s a good one on how to build your own in-car PC! Although I wouldn’t recommended as people woud probably rob you as quickly as you install it.

As a marine electrician I’ve installed a few desktops in yachts to avoid the above mentioned problems so when I bought a used Grand Caravan in July and it had this empty space between the front seats I thought, why not? The first task was to measure the distance between the seats and see if anyone made a case that

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Make A Dangerous Blow-pipe!


Here’s something you can make to torture your neighbors. Well…j.k.

Imagine there is a famine and you are back to the hunter-gatherer times. If worst comes to worst and you need to catch a rabbit, a rat or anything that is digestable or anything that has to be hunted, you will need a weapon to serve you under those harsh conditions.

via High T3ch

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Atmel AVR HACK – Temperature Controller using Microcontroller AVR

Check out the Atmel AVR temperature controller hack, although I made a better one last year that can be controlled via ethernet, the case looks awesome!

Wine doesn’t like subzero temperatures, and during wintertime, my “winecellar” got pretty cold. There was an electric heating element, but the thermostat was broken, so it was either full burn or nothing.

That’s how the te

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Gamer Tries to Build Nuclear Reactor at Home, FBI Came Around to Play

Cool, this guy’s on TV for tryin’ to build a nuclear reactor. Too bad he didn’t have a SiteHoppin.com shirt on… :p

Apparently bored of his amateur game-building hobby, he decided to try to make a small-scale nuclear reaction in his room, blogging his antics on the web.

Someone blew the whistle on him when he made claims about uranium and doubling the normal background radiation count in his room, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission raided his home. He won’t be getting his Da

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