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Easter DIY – How to Make Fiber Easter Eggs!

Easter is right around the corner and here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make fiber easter eggs.  It might be a fun project for those of you trying to be even more creative this Easter holidays.

The concept behind felting is pretty simple–when wool fiber is introduced to hot water, soap, and some friction, the scales of the fiber tack to one another and the result is a compressed mass of the fiber. It’s similar to what happens when a wool sweater meets the hot washing machine.

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Video DIY – Use Lemons as Batteries

Here’s a cool video of using lemons to power an LED! (which is about 1.8 to 3V!)

Now, how many Lemons do we need to power a 60 watt light bulb?

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DIY – Fluorescent Bulb 11x 14 Backlit Frame

Here’s a nice fluorescent bulb backlit frame you can make so that your firewood picture seems to come to life! Thanks Michael!

Do-It-Yourself projects for low-cost, cool, illuminated photo and picture displays using easily available materials. All projects include detailed How-To’s, illustrations, and readimade versions for purchase.

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DIY – Kid’s science experiment


Here’s a cool science project for anyone including your kids.

Great science / magic trick to amaze your friends. 1. Water 2. Pepper 3. Soap / Dishwashing liquid

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DIY – Voice recognition system by students from Cornell

Here’s a cool DIY voice recognition system by computer engineering students at Cornell University. Nice job, keep up the good work!

When we think of programmable speech recognition, we think of calling FedEx customer service call center with automated voice recognition response systems. We also think of PC-based speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now we took that a step further. We are talking about speech recognition in a tiny Mega32 microcontro

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How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket



Quick and easy way to make a matchstick rocket using a match and foil. These rockets can travel as far at 20 feet.

How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket – video powered by Metacafe

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Halloween DIY – Talking Skull

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Here’s an awesome talking skull for halloween!

“I took him out to the garage and disconnected his eye and mouth motors from the main post. I then used 2 – 2″ screws and attached the jaw to the motor of the douglas talking fir(DTS now) I used hot glue and sealed the screws to the mouth to insure no slippage. I made a fitting in the skull with a 90 degree fitting and a 3″ piece of PVC that I attached to the inside of the skull with screws. I can now attached t

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