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Wedding DIY – How to Make Table Numbers!

Well, I could probably easily make some DIY printable table numbers using Photoshop, but here’s the simpler way to do it if you are not a graphic designer/programmer like me:

The photo table number would be great for a bridal shower or a baby shower with a picture of the couple or the mom to be. You could replace the wine bottle by a reusable water bottle for an outdoor theme party.

Martha supplied two templates with no number, in case yo

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MySQL Optimization Hack – How to Increase Load without Failing your MySQL Server!

As you well know, I have actually not been blogging for the last few weeks, it’s all done by our network blogger, Andrew. (Thank you Andrew btw, you saved my as* during a horribly busy month) – I have updated the author links too so you know who’s writing which blog posts.

I have been busy with legalization of my company lately, sorry if I haven’t been posting for our regular readers.

Anyways, today I got an update on the

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GeoQuake brings you GoogleMaps Driving Game!

Now, you can drive on GoogleMaps or fly on GoogleEarth. It’s really fun, I think there’s a potential for dozens of games and money to made off these types of apps.

The first, taking advantage of Google Maps’ new ability to work with Flash applications, lets you drive a car, bus, or truck around Google Maps. It won’t bat an eye if you drive through a building or into the ocean, but Katsuomi Kobayashi, the programmer from Os

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Data Browser allows you to manipulate MySQL database in a Snap!

Here’s a desktop based data browser that allows you to manipulate MySQL database in a snap.  The most amazing part is how quickly you can bring in any RSS feeds from blogs/social network sites as a database table, almost as fast as my finger snapping.

Watch as David, the CTO of the company, explains how it works.


As you can see in the video interview, Kirix Strata lets users view, organize, and manipulate data tables with desktop speeds and ease.

Although you could make a similar webapp, it wouldn’t perform as

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DIY WordPress HACK – How to import Ultimate Tag Warrior Tags if you keep getting errors!

Well, since I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, I’ve had to let go of Ultimate Tag Warrior. Actually, I thought Ultimate Tag Warrior was working until today, when I found out every URL such as http://zedomax.com/tag/lasers, was giving me a 404 error.

Well, being an old school I am, I did even try to downgrade back to my favorite WordPress 2.2.3, which results in catastrophic failure with the wp-categories… Damn it!

So I did look through the internet and

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Hackaday – Binary Clock HACK

cool hack…!@!

[Walter] sent in his version of a PIC binary clock. It’s a nice alternative If you don’t want one that runs off TTL logic, This one runs on a PIC 16F628 (Microchip is great for samples) and displays hours in 5 bits and minutes in 6. His blog also features a decent looking programmer, and he shows off his version of the Suunto dive computer interface

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