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Vista DIY – How to Use Speech Recognition in Windows Vista!

If you have been running Vista and haven’t messed around with the speech recognition function, this might be a great time to do it and Vista4Beginners.com has a great guide on how to use the speech recognition feature in Windows Vista.

In this article I will talk once more about Windows Speech Recognition and how to benefit from all its advanced configuration options. I will show you how to create new speech profiles and how to manage them, how to add vocabularies or change the existing ones used by the tool. Other topics that will be covered

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Internet Dating Cake!

Yo, here’s cake to celebrate your anniversary with internet dating cake, that is if you’ve met your lover online.

This couple decided to take the advent of their Internet-meeting and eventual wedding to the ultimate level by baking two laptop-shaped wedding cakes, attaching their profiles to the screens, and even connecting them together with a candy ethernet cable with hearts on the plugs. Pretty “sweet” way to proclaim your digital love.

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LinkedIn vs. Facebook, which one do you use more?

I was browsin’ over at ReadWriteWeb today and they had an interesting article on LinkedIn versus Facebook, of which one is better for business.

Well, in my opinion, it’d definitely be LinkIn as I haven’t seen anyone have their Facebook account on their business card but I have seen numerous LinkIn profiles.

To be honest, I use neither right now as they are simply more services to keep track of.  (Well I should at least be linked in…)

The more you use these

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DIY Hack – How to make your plugins work in Firefox 3 Beta!

Well, if you are like me, an early adaptor, you probably are already using Firefox 3 Beta. As many of you know, a lot of your Firefox plugins do not work or is not compatible with the new FF3.

Here’s a simple way to make it work: (Thanks to Lifehacker)

1. Type About:config in your FF3 Browser address bar. 2. Right click->New->Boolean then, type in extensions.checkCompatibility, select false. 3. Right click->New->Boolean then, type in extensions.checkUpdateSec

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Firefox extension from scratch! – Part I

Well, there’s a flood of Firefox Toolbar makers out there, but I feel that is too much cheating and you don’t actually learn anything.  Plus, those toolbars are very chubby and don’t run fast as it could when you make them from scratch.

In this session, I will teach you how to make your own Firefox extension and make it say, “Hello World!” from scratch.  (Not exactly from scratch but…)

It’s pretty easy actually. You can use this Firefox/Thunderbird Extens

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