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Office DIY – How to Improve Productivity at Work!

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One of the most important things I realize over the years, is the fact that you need to set yourself up for success at your work whether that’s a cubicle or your deks at home.

So, here’s some tips on how to improve productivity at work:

1. Get to work at least 15 minutes early. Early birds eat the worms. This old adage is true and I have seen a lot of expensive cars parked abo

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iDesk embeds LCD display and the keyboard!

Here’s a cool lookin’ desk that embeds everything so you don’t have to bother setting up your PC.  You can also adjust the monitor height, which is really cool.

The i-desk Classic X Variheight is a more robust version of the Classic for very demanding environments. The keyboard is embedded into the desktop with the TFT screen flush mounted into the back panel. The i-desk Variheight has been specially developed for Special Needs. The Variheight is equipped with an electr

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Microsoft Upgrade to Vista Parody Ad – Downgrade to XP Today for only $99!

We’ve designed a new ad for Microsoft’s new operating system, the Microsoft XP Professional.  That right, you can “downgrade” to XP from Vista and benefit from the following:

– Driver compatibility

– Usuability

– Improved Productivity

– Save Time not having to search for new drivers

– Supports your old computer with less than 2GB of memory

P.S. You are free to spread this Ad around, maybe Microsoft might actually use it.

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