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How Long Does One Single Google Query Take?

Here’s some interesting news on how long it takes for a single Google query.

Well, the answer is that it takes about 200ms, using the power of 1000 machines.  Now, those 1000 machines could probably handle a whole bunch more queries in the same times frame so don’t get surprised.

Google Fellow Jeff Dean, in a keynote talk at WSDM 2009, shared some numbers about Google’s impressive growth run from 1999 to 2009. According to Dean, while both search queries and proces

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SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

One of my greatest websites I ever made (and hard-coded all myself) using MediaWiki open-source as base platform is SiteHoppin.com.

SiteHoppin has been re-launched as a domain search engine.  Basically, it’s like Digg but we only store your URL infomation, no content whatsoever other than previews under iFrames.

You can also submit your blog/website URLs as they will get indexed by Google and other search engines

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Dell’s New Laptop will feature a Quad-core Processor with 16GB of Memory!

While this might not seem like big news, gamers will love the fact that Dell’s new laptop will feature a Quad-core Processor with 16GB of memory.

This new Dell Precision laptop will be available later t

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