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Startup DIY – How to Hire the Right People!

For those of you starting your online or offline business, you might want to read up on this quick post on how to hire an A-team.  As a person who’s running a start-up myself, I do highly believe that your success has everything to do with people you hire.  Of course, my favorite tip is “hiring athletes.”  I just happened to be playing competitive pro golf before I dived into the corporate world so…

Here is a bit of timeless wisdom from Warren Buffet. He advises that, when hiring, look for brains, energy, and integrity. But if the people you find don’

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Go Tiger at the Masters!


I dunno why but I have always been excited to watch Tiger come back from 7 or 8 strokes back, today is such a day, I hope he shoots like 6 or 7 under although he hasn’t really playing lights out.

Anyways, I am off to watch the Masters all day, sorry for no tech posts today.  Every year, I tend to get lazy near Masters but I am still online, you can join in “live” twittering conversation at my golf twitter @progolferdi

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Pro Golf Update


Well, I’ve been focusing on my golf game lately, my swing’s getting better and better so let’s see if I can make the tour in the next year or two.

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