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Prius Hack – How to Add Exhaust Sound to a Prius!


Here’s a rather exciting Prius hack that involves adding “fake” exhaust sounds to a Prius.   Mind you, Prius may suck at going uphill but with the addition of this sound mod, you can still “fake” having a big, fat engine under the hood.  Perhaps this might be a new mod that could potentially be game-changing for those of you who pick up chics in your Prius. (or not?)

There’s many sounds available including a V8 or V12 engine, I would have to go with the roaring V12 if I ever get a Prius.

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Solar DIY – How to Build a Solar Cooling System for the Summer!

Solar systems have been appearing everywhere these days including the new Prius which practically cools itself while parked out in the sun.  Well, this technology isn’t so hard to understand or apply, simply get some solar panels and hook it up to a cooling device.

Okay, maybe it’s not that easy but here’s a great DIY that shows you how to do that.

This instructable will tell you how I went about building a 12v Solar setup to run my Air Cooler during our hot Summer and a 12v 120 litre Fridge/Freezer during th

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Eco Roundup from the Green Blog at Keetsa!

Here’s a bit of an update on interesting eco-tech articles from our green blog Keetsa:

US Cellular is offering free battery swap for low battery cellphones, Honda 2010 Insight sold for just $1.24 on an auction site, and Hyundai’s new Accent will run on LPG.

Here’s a cool

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DIY HACK – HOWTO disable Lexus and Prius navigation lockout!

Cool, here’s my friend Jason from Hackszine posting about how to disable Lexus and Prius navigation systems. I don’t own a Lexus or a Prius, just a gas-guzzlin’ Chevy, but this might come in handy when I do get one.

Here’s a short video showing you how to do it:


I’ve found that the best way to

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