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Xerox Circuit Ink!

Here’s another reason you read Zedomax.com and get the news faster than watching that damn, old HDTV and slow, mainstream media.  Xerox has developed a new ink that lets you “print” your circuit boards on paper.  Not only will this make DIY PCBs obsolete, you can now make circuit boards that are flexible as paper.  WOW!

Xerox researchers have invented a kind of ink that can conduct

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Office Printing DIY – How to save time and money on printing and get your mail delivered faster!

Today, we will cover several ways that can help you to reduce cost of your printing, whether you are running a home business or a company with 1000 employees.

Make sure to Preview your documents before printing:

A lot of people might think this is something they do all the time but the truth is that most people waste a lot of paper printing out the wrong portion of their content, including myself.

Use that “Preview” button to preview what you are printing. Almost all applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, and MS Word have this feature

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CES Video – Roomba Carpet Printer


This would be great for making some custom images on your carpet!

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