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Robot catapult


Remember the Wii Robot? Well, check out Robot catapult. It’s tight.

Every hacker wants a budget to do bigger, cooler hacks. Well, we got our budget, all $1000 of it, and decided to turn a borrowed industrial robot into a catapult, a hack we’d been hoping to do for a long, long time. We’d been joking about throwing heavy obj

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DIY HACK – PRANK on your boss’s Microsoft Excel if you don’t like him

Joe from HackNMod sent this hack where you can automatically close Microsoft Word when you victim type ‘E’. Just don’t blame me if you get fired. If you do get fired, you can start making whole bunch of paid wikis like me.

Check out the directions here:

What is the most common letter in the English language? E right? Well, what would you do if every time you typed “E” in Microsoft Word, it closed your word document and didn’t save an

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FUNNY VIDEO – Guy gets frustrated with laptop!


I feel bad for this guy… sometimes I feel it too… good thing my laptop is still here! ^^

via dabomb.tv

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