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How to Build a Salt-Water Powered LED Light!

You probably well know of the focus that the world has been giving to alternative energy.  And I am sure schools are now pushing more ways to power our electronics than ever.

Which brings us to this awesome DIY that shows you how to build a salt-water powered LED light. You can also substitute lime juice for the salt-water.

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Beer Powered Batteries!

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TV Remote Powered with Kinetic Energy!

NEC, the Japanese consumer electronics company, is having a blast developing TV remotes that work off kinetic energy, meaning it needs no batteries at all.  The kinetic energy derived from the user picking up the remote itself and pushing buttons are apparently enough to power the remote itself.  Well, why didn’t they make this earlier, think of how much energy could have been save in the las

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Kinetic Energy Powered DIY Clothing!

Who said fashion and smart electronics don’t mix well together?

Check out this awesome women’s garment that lights up when some kinetic energy is applied.  Brilliant.

I can see in about 5 to 10 years when all fashion designers in New York start using more cool things like this.  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, we’ll just wait. 🙂

Designer Site

via craftzine


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Bike Hack – How to Add a Stepper Motor Powered LED Light!

I’ve seen a ton of bike lights that use the power of pedaling to provide bikers with nice array of lights as they drive down the road.  Well, here’s another awesome bike hack that shows you how to add a stepper motor-powered LED light.  I really like this one as I do actually have a bunch of unused stepper motors laying around. (and I am sure you do too if you hack around a bit…)

Steppers come with different resolutions. Virtually all steppers are either 1.8° or 7.5° per step; (200 steps or

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets!

Hi All,

I must have had my watch set to a day earlier, Earth Day was yesterday but I figured 1 day late is never too late for eco-friendly gadgets.

So here’s a round-up of various different eco-friendly and green gadgets you can buy to save the world:

Solar Alarm Clock – Great stuff, they should make all alarm clocks with a solar panel. How hard is that? Probably not that hard, look at all the caculators made today, the

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DIY – Candle Powered batteries

Remember our post on lemon powered batteries? This one’s even better, it uses 2 candles to power a small bulb, pretty powerful.

So next time the light goes out, don’t light your candles, use your candles to power your flashlight, then when you run out of power, light your candles.


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