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PC DIY – How to Build a Killer Gaming PC!

If you’ve already learned how to build a PC in a rather fast-fashion of 10 minutes or under, you might be interested to know about how to build a killer gaming PC.

ExtremeTech.com has a great detailed tutorial on how to build your next killer gaming PC using the latest hardware.

Of course, the one secret about building a killer gaming PC is to use the latest and the best hardware, this tutorial will never stop.

Our goal isn

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How to run your car on Water, Sugar, and Yeast using EFuel100’s Home Ethanol!

EFuel100, a home ethanol convertor, has been buzzing all around the world and TV. Basically it allows you to turn water, sugar, and yeast into ethanol. What do you do with ethanol? You can mix 75% ethanol and 25% gas to power your current vehicle.

That’s right, it means you don’t need to drive an eco-friendly car to save the world. You simply need to pre-order one of these ethanol convertors at $10,000 USD, but d

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HACK Google – Google Pageranks and Googlebombing

If you have been following the web lately, you should know what Google pageranks are and what Googlebombing is. Just in case you don’t know, Google Pageranks are some type of crazy algorithm that determines how important your website is on Google search engine. They recently changed it to prevent Googlebombing, which is a method of bombing certain keywords to get on the top of the search list. For example, you can tag a completely random phrases such as, “sawasdikul”

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Power Tool Race!

[gv data=”rYTVwude68g”][/gv]

You can now watch races using power tools!

It’s a rocket. Stuck through the back of a skull, sitting on an aging belt sander rigged to a pair of sawed-off skis. And it can haul butt down a track.

Scott David and his 10-year-old son, Cal, built El Diablo del Muerte (“the Devil of Death”) for last summer’s first annual Seattle Power Tool Drag Race and Derby. Inspired by earlier events in New England and t

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Apple updates patent for touchscreen device

Cool, now you can take a look at the touchscreen technology…

Remember that Apple patent that we eyed back in early September? You know, the one that patented the merging of various electronic devices into a single gadget? Well, it’s back and better than ever before — it’s an update to U.S. patent application Serial No. 11/367,749, and is entitled “Multi-Functional Hand-Held Device.” So how’s this patent different from the last time? It’s not, really, but it provides a fair bit more

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