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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Load-Sensing Power Switch!

One of our readers asked me if I can find him a circuit that will allow him to control his printer and other peripherals when he turns his computer on.  Here’s a simple load-sending power switch circuit I found over at aaroncake.net.

This circuit will turn on the “slaves” when the “master” load is turned on, could work perfectly for that I think.

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WiFi DIY – How to Make a WiFi Radio!

Trust me, I am an avid WinAmp addict who listens to internet radio constantly.  Here’s a great DIY on how to make your own WiFi radio! The most awesome project I have seen this year so far.

The back panel is made of fiberboard from Home Depot. The Wi-Fi antenna is shown on the left. The LAN ports and buttons of the router are accessible through cutouts in the back panel. A 6-pin mini-DIN power jack that matches the power supply I’m using and the power switch are shown on the r

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DJ Plasma LED Lights sync to your Music!


DJ Plasma LED Lights will sync to your favorite music simply by plugging into the line-in plug of the device.


DJ Plasma Indication Tube ON/OFF power switch Lightning or Music/Sonic switch Music/Sonic with Line in Adjustable tube lamp lightning strength level with a knob Universal usage Tube Length: 39 cm Tube made of glass

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