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Bike Hack – How to Make a USB Charger for your Bike!

If you are like me, you are probably very familiar with bike lights that use the power of the pedal to keep your eye-sight bright when riding at night.  Well, here’s a great idea that uses that same power, except to power your USB gadgets such as iPod, iPhone, or whatever.

We initially theorized the development and feasibility of a regenerative braking system for use on bicycles. This system would create a mobile power source to extend the battery life of portable electronic devices carried by the rider.

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DIY Speech Controlled Garbage Can!


We have seen touchless garbage cans all over the place in the last couple years but this DIY speech-controlled garbage can is a better idea that will move via your voice commands.

The garbage can will come to you following a black line and stopping when i

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2GB MP3 Watch with FM Transmitter!

Here’s an awesome watch that lets you listen to MP3s AND transmit the MP3 songs or your recordings via FM station. Now, here’s a watch you can use as portable MP3 for your car OR you can even use it as emergency FM transmit device. How cool is that?


    Memory: 2GB Music Format: MP3, WMA, WAV FM Transmitter 5 EQ Modes Waterproof up to 3 Meters with Earphone Jack and MIC hole closed Built in MIC Earphone Jack: 2.5mm USB: 2.0 System: Windows 98

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DVR Pen can Capture Video Like James Bond!

The DVR pen can record your next spy outing without letting your guests know you are recording them.  Recorded video is automatically saved to the embedded flash drive so all you gotta do is connect to your USB for replaying the vids.

This first mini DVR Pen Recorder in the world which is both a camera and recorder in the shape of a Pen that actually writes.. Durable constructed pen with smooth writing with ink that can be changed with standard refills. Simply plug into a standard USB po

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Solar Panel Pack runs 12VDC or 120AC anywhere!

Do you need an industrial solar pack that can power your 120AC or 12VDC anywhere?

Here’s a solar panel pack that can could be your choice of solution.

The XPower Powerpack Solar is the first portable power pack that incorporates solar power in a compact, portable power source. It s completely self-renewing, which means the detachable 5-watt solar panel has the ability to recharge the power pack s 10 amp-hour battery. The 5-watt solar panel captures, stores and converts the sun s renewable energy, replenishes the XPower Powerpack Solar

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