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Top 5 Cool Twitter Hacked Gadgets!

Well, I’ve been slowly blogging and twittering over at TweetHacking.com, here’s the Top 5 cool twitter hacked gadgets for this last week:

Botanicalls is a ethernet device that lets you monitor your plants via Twitter.  For example, if your plant needs to be watered, you will get a tweet for that.  I highly like this one as there’s going to be a slew of apps related with gardening for Twitter.

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DIY – How to Make Solid States Drives with SD Flash Cards!

Here’s an idea I had been thinking of before, getting together bunch of 16GB SD cards and making a Solid State Drive.

Apparently, a company in Germany has made this type of device available already, what a great idea:

With the Flexi-Drive S2S we introduce a flexible adjustable memory solution.

Simply insert the desired number of SDHC cards (max. 6) into the Flexi-Drive’s slots. The card’s individual memory capacities merge into

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ASUS Eec Box Introduced!

Asus Eec Boxes, pictured above in white and black, has officially been introduced to the public.

We know, they look like Nintendo Wiis but don’t mistaken yourself as they are only PCs.

We predict that Asus made these boxes to target the media entertainment center market for connecting to your TVs.

With your choice of Windows XP or Linux, these ASUS Eec boxes are a great bargain, priced at $299 each. (Available at the mid-end July)

Just 7 Second

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Eco-Mode 3.5″ HDD Sata HardDisk Case saves you up to 71% of Energy!

Marshal’s new case for 3.5″ SATA HDD can save you up to 71% of energy and harddisk operations as it automatically stops disc rotation after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What do we think?

It’s great for the harddisk and the environment, get one when they are available.  Products like this save you both money and help promote eco-friendliness.

Technically speaking, nothing revolutionary, simply an ECO mode that stops disc rotation after 5 minutes of

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Ultrasonic Food Washer removes 98% of Bacteria!

Do you have kids or simply need to clean your vegetables and fruits perfectly clean?

Here’s Ultrasonic Food Washer which will remove 98% of germs and bacteria with the use of ultrasonic.

No Scrubbing! Uses Ultrasonic waves to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and efficiently.

The material of the container itself contains negative ions which help eliminate unpleasant odors, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Uses only 0

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