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RoofRay lets you calculate your home’s Solar Power potential!

RoofRay is a site that let’s you calculate your home’s solar power potential using the power of GoogleMaps.

It’s very interesting as the site will caculate the solar power potential based on the roof area and the slope of the roof.

It’s probably pretty accurate as most data is using direct satellite images off GoogleMaps.

The greatest part about this site is that you can find out how much energy you will be able to make with new solar p

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Solar Panel Briefcase!

Here’s a good idea for portable solar power cells.

The Metal briefcase consist of two main parts: The top cover integrates solar panel, while the base includes Li-ion batteries and chargers.

The briefcase will make its way to North America in the third quarter of this year (late summer). The price of the briefcase, which will provide juice for up to 75 watts is $1499.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets!

Hi All,

I must have had my watch set to a day earlier, Earth Day was yesterday but I figured 1 day late is never too late for eco-friendly gadgets.

So here’s a round-up of various different eco-friendly and green gadgets you can buy to save the world:

Solar Alarm Clock – Great stuff, they should make all alarm clocks with a solar panel. How hard is that? Probably not that hard, look at all the caculators made today, the

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