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DIY Doggy Style Persistence of Vision!

POV or Persistence of Vision where you use flashing LED lights to display letters in motion, has always been a fun way to learn about LEDs and circuits.   You might remember I invented the world’s first Golf club POV, which was capable of showing letters/images while you swing the golf club.

Well, there’s a DIY Doggy Style (literally doggy dog) POV someone has managed to put together with his furry little helper helping him in pitch darkness.

Mounting 5 LEDs on a moving o

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DIY POV Record Player!

I am a little nuts when it comes to POV projects, this one is definitely one that gets my mojo going.  See video of this in action, simply awesome, an art!

The light sculpture “Death calls the tune” filters all the news items which go around the world minute by minute for those which deal with perdition and misery on our planet. Managed by a microcontroller the pick-up of the remodelled record

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LED Globe Again…


Wow, here’s another cool LED Globe

I have seen a few POV globes before, but this one is the best yet! Looks like GNG Display had some time on their hands and decided to have some fun.

“See the world in 3D and write your message on the world.It’s a POV display. It has 256 white smd led for drawing the world and 32 blue smd led for the message section.”

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Ooooohhhh, check out this cool LED POV! You can do current time, signs, and more! Nicely done!

From the pictures you can see there’s a motor on the rotor shaft (with the blue housing), and an additional one below the mounting plate. The first motor turned out have too little power to give the rotor enough speed. So I added another motor and a gear, and put stream line wings on the LED bar. The first motor had the rotary encoder attached, so I left

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DIY HACK – “Propeller Clock” Mechanically Scanned LED Clock

Cool propeller clock you can make!

How this clock works: A motor spins the “propeller”, and a small microprocessor keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs. It is an illusion, but it works nicely.

If you want to build this clock, you will need a few things, including: Skill with motors and mechanical things. Prior electronic experience. A dead VCR or floppy drive or other source of a suitable motor and miscel

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Update: Bike POV Video

[gv data=”28LrJJPIlbI”][/gv]

Here’s the video for the Bike POV earlier.

Nice “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, guys! (or girls)

via hackedgadgets forum

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Nicely done RGB Bike POV! POV stands for Persistence of Vision, check out wikipedia definition if you don’t know it yet.

The whole thing is based on a pic16f628A, with some SMD mosfets to power the led’s. Those are very bright RGB led’s with SMD resistors for smaller PCB size and lower weight. That’s important too when keeping in mind that a heavy weight could give a unbalanced wheel.

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DIY – Use the golf POV for your next Ad, here’s a Nike Swoosh


Here’s a Nike Swoosh Garrett and I made using the Golf POV from last week. We also got some sideview footage for more swing analysis. It seems that the letters of Nike helps in seeing the backswing versus the downswing.

We know, that this would look a lot better with Tiger Woo

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Zedomax DIY118 – HOWTO Make a Golf Club POV training aid!

Golf Club POV – version Ben Hogan


The other day, Garrett hit up on some basic POVs.

So we were thinking about how we could have a POV while making it useful. Well since people like to hit up the driving range or the golf course at times, we figured we could just make a POV out of a golf club. At the same time, we ca

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Supplier – High Intensity LEDs


In search of high intesity LEDs for my new POV project, I have come up on this site, which has a good source of high intesity

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