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Get the Steelcase Leap Chair and Feel Like a CEO!

The guys over at BornRich.org has a great review on the Steelcase Leap Chair and how it is great for your back. (and makes you feel like a C.E.O. at the top of the world)

Although I currently have a cheap IKEA chair, I will soon have to upgrade as soon as I make some more money.


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Capital Gate Tower is the Worlds Most Crooked Building in the World!

Developers in Abu Dhabi have made so much money on oil crisis, they are building the World’s Most Crooked Building that is 4 times more crooked than the previous record holder, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It doesn’t surprise me though, it’s about time modern architecture proves to be somewhat better than stuff that were built over a century ago.  Not that

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Moldable mouse

Check out this moldable mouse baby!

Moldable Mouse is made of non-toxic lightweight modelling clay, covered with nylon and polyurethane blend fabric. It can be kneaded into any shape the user prefers, and the shape is self-retaining. By allowing a wide variety of hand positions when holding the mouse, it reduces repeated motions of the same posture, thereby minimising the chance of common mouse-related injuries such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The click buttons and touch-sensitive scroll

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