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Medical DIY – EyeWriter that lets Paralyzed People to Write with Eyes!

Before this eyewriter, the only way a paralyzed person who’s eyes are the only body part that’s not paralyzed could write was to use morse code.  Well, here’s EyeWriter, a DIY invention that allows such paralyzed person to write using their eyes.

I think this gadget has a lot more possibilities going on forward, great DIY.

Tony Quan was diagnosed with ALS in 2003. The disease has left him almost completely physically paralyzed except for his eyes. With EyeWriter Tony can now draw with his eyes.

“The EyeWr

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Eco Friendly Hammock Made From Seatbelts!

Here’s a more brilliant idea for re-using and keeping our mother earth safer, an “eco” hammock made from recycled seatbelts!  Now, this one will cost you $585 but I am already getting some good ideas on what to do with old seatbelts I bought at my local flea market…

Don’t need a hammock?  Try these pillows made from recycled seatbelts!

Like TING pillows

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Fashion DIY – How to Make Your Own Custom Dress Shirts!

I have to say, during my period of working at corporations, I did have to shop a lot to find the perfect dress shirt for myself.  I tend to like crisp edges for the collar since having a crisp collar helps your overall dress shirt look good and sharp.

Anyways, there’s a new site that let’s you make your own custom dress shirts with your own color/patterns and other really neat stuff.

Sounds like a lot of fun?  Yes, I will have to order my dress shirts from here in the

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TouchTable is a Touchscreen Roulette Table!

I don’t think Vegas hotels would be switching to touchscreen roulette tables anytime soon but it’s definitely a great product for enjoying the game without chips.

Also doing away with the conventional idea of chips and money-on-the-table, time to run a game cycle is lowered considerably and chances of the dealer to cheat are reduced. Bets are placed with less effort electronically and new possib

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Micro Orb – Golf-Ball Sized Spy Camera!


That’d be way cool if this was actually a ball and you could whack the shit out of it and check out what kind of video you get afterwards…

The Micro Orb Spy Camera is a miniature surveillance video & audio recording camera concealed into a tiny 1.5 inch sphere the size of a golf ball.

The Micro Orb Spy Camera can be worn on a helmet to record your sport activities such as biking, skydiving, and hiking or as a baby monitor, a mannequin eyeball,

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DIY iRobot Arm Robot!


Check out this cool robot made with iRobot and CMUCam.

“This is an iRobot Create fitted with a Robot Arm I pulled from an old Radio Controlled vehicle. It uses a Propeller Protoboard and motor controllers and accelerometers from Parallax to control the Arm and monitor it’s position using the two accelerometers mounted on the arm. The Create is controlled by another Propeller and uses a CMUCam1 for Color Tracking to track the object. A S

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PressLite for Photographers!


Wow, check out this revolutionary flash for cameras!

Its two panels let you reflect just the amount of light you need, bouncing part of it off the ceiling for that soft, indirect look, while aiming the rest of the light at your subject. That’s just one of many possibilities. It’s also easy to use, moving it to exactly the right configuration with one hand, keeping the other free to hold the camera, aim and shoot. Considering what it can do, PressLite VerteX is dirt-cheap at $34.

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