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Hair DIY – How to Cut and Dye a Mohawk Hairdoo!

One of my friends can suddenly come up with a big mohawk, I dunno how he does it but every time we hit the rave scene he will have that mohawk ready.

Well, you can have a mohawk hairdoo too, someone decided to explain it all on instructables.com.  It’s not really big as my friend’s mohawk but this still beat 99% of the population with boring hairdoos.

This Instructable will give the tips and tricks to cutting a real Mohawk. This is guaranteed to produce the meanest looking mohawk on the block. We even show you how to apply hair dye to the finished product. This is

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

As a U.S. immigrant who grew up in a suburban neighborhood in Bay Area about 20 years ago, I still remember the first day I learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  I couldn’t speak nor write English, yet I still understood what he was about and that the U.S. wouldn’t be so diverse nowdays and “racially” more fair than any other country in the world.

Even South Korea, where I grew up until the age of 9, has its racial laws still “flawed”, not pr

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CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

This is one of those gadgets, “why didn’t they think of this before?”.  The power tap device called CheckTap can be programmed via your PC through a USB cable to control and also schedule which and when your devices are on/off.

This gadget supposedly could save your home/office a whole lotta electricity, so long as you can “program” it.  I do assume that most people will be able to program this thing but do have my doubts that over 50% of population will probably be stuck trying to

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Robots – Roboband plays better than most humans!


Wow, check out the roboband. I honestly they are better than most of the population.

the Trons practicing “Sister Robot” in the lounge before their up and coming Ignition Fringe Festival shows!

via make

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18.41% of World Internet Users use Firefox!

Wow, Firefox has been steadily growing real fast… I remember about 2-3 years ago when Firefox use was at only about 5%.

Go Firefox! Kill IE for good.

The only thing with Internet Explorer is that a lot of foreign countries such as Korea, have adopted to use IE exclusively for internet banking, which you can not use Firefox for.

Still, more than 90% of population in Korea and other parts of the world use IE. Darn…

Net Applications, purveyors of web metrics data, published some interesting asides about Mozil

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