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Cool Youtube Video – Automatic License Recognition

[gv data=”WA5Gy32aqdo”][/gv]

Check out this automatic license recognition system that can capture up to 600 license plates per hour. It isolates the license number on the license plate and also checks it against the local database. Well this isn’t good news for me since I still have to get my Motorcycle license. But it’s a good thing to know.

At least it will help if I do lose my car or motorcycle…hehe…

Plus, this thing can capture license plates at 100MPH! Well, you simply have to go faster now if you have a suspended license or yo

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Video – College Students Invent AWESOME Parallel Parking Device

[gv data=”4rvUq0FWfBs”][/gv]

Wow, check this out! College students invent awesome parallel parking device. This is very useful for people living in big cities. I wouldn’t call San Francisco a very big city, but there are lots of parking problems and this is a great invention! via techeblog

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