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Pyro DIY – How to Make Poor Man’s Liquid Hydrogen!


If you have a LOT of time to kill, you might be interested to learn that you can make your own Poor Man’s liquid hydrogen using dry ice.

If you lack access to Liquid Nitrogen, then you can’t break a frozen flower or make wind chimes from strips of lead sheet. You can’t make LEDs glow super-bright. You can’t even shatter a rubber band. But what if you could make your own “LN2” from easily available materials?

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Segway DIY – How to Build a Legway, the Poor Man’s Segway!

I personally think Segways can be useful in some highly populated areas such as downtown San Francisco/LA/New York, but these things are probably a waste of resources otherwise.  If you cannot afford a real segway, there’s a much more eco-friendly option of building your own  “Legway”, it doesn’t really work well on turns but heck, sure beats buying a segway for no reason.

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Pyro DIY – How to Make Napalm Goo!


I did try making some napalm back in middle school where I did a lot of tinkering by reading the Poor Man’s James Bond. (Yes, that was my favorite book then.)

Here’s how to make napalm yourself using some styrofoam and gasoline.  Just don’t burn anyone or any houses when you do this.

On the side note, I did burn down half of my lawn while I made my napalm when I was about 11 years old.  (long time a

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Pyro Hack – How to Make Smoke Bomb!

If you were pyro-inclined like me back in middle school, you might have read “Poor Man’s James Bond” and tried making bunch of smoke bombs and whatnot.  Of course, nowdays you might want to be careful as people might mistaken you for a terrorist but heck, smoke bombs have always been pretty harmless, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make some.

About.com has a good detailed DIY on how to make a smoke bo

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iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone Case from Bike Tubes!

Although I rather buy an iPhone case, you can make one of these Poor Man’s iPhone Case by following this DIY on how to make an iPhone case from bike tubes.

Here are 3 designs I’ve made for housing your iphone in scrap bike tires / tubes. Pls comment with a picture if you make a different version!

via make

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iPod Earphone Hack – How to Make Poor Man’s iPod Speakers!

Although this hack isn’t probably the most effective way to blast sound from your iPod, it can be a great way to get some more sound out of your iPod earphones 2AM in the morning when you can’t even go to BestBuy to buy some cheap, decent iPod speakers.

Of course, I have 2 iPod earphones that just went bad on me, they crap out after about 3 months of use.  I have recently switched to

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Poor Man’s Octopus Costume!

If you are a gadgeteer, plumber, or some kind of hard-core DIYer, you might want to consider this poor man’s version of Doctor Octopus costume for this Halloween.

Simply get some of those left over hardware parts and put them together for nice octopus tentacle effect that’s going to annoy and entertain anyone around you at the Halloween party.

To be perfectly honest, while this was assembled at the last minute on Halloween night, it was not entirely a spontaneously creatio

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Wii news – Wiis sold out in 1 day by United Kingdom People

[gv data=”LQuE5R9uBg4″][/gv]

WOw, this is great! well for nintendo anyways…read poor man’s choice of entertainment system too…

Wiimania has hit the United Kingdom in full force, with the console selling out on its first day of sales — 50,000 units in 12 hours. However, many of the pre-orders could not be fulfilled as there were

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