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Motion-Activated Sprinkler Protects Against Rodents!

Here’s a funky motion-activated sprinkler that “sprays” at rodents and whatnot to protect your plants, lawn, garden crap.

This is the motion-activated animal deterrent that protects your flower beds, garden, and ponds from deer, raccoons, herons, or domesticated animals without using harmful chemicals or requiring unsightly barriers. Using infrared detection technology that is effective day or night, the device activates an integrated sprinkler when a visitor enters its 105° field-of-view, spraying a forceful yet harmless stream

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Computer Controlled Intelligent Scarecrow?


Yes, it has been done by students from University of South Florida. Great job guys!  These guys should really make a new start-up company making whole bunch of these for farmers…

Our idea for this project was to develop an “intelligent scarecrow” called the Erebus Scarecrow. The system is designed to protect ponds at a fish farm from bird predators that can cost farmers thousands of dollar

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